Montag, 2. Juli 2012


*six bottles of water (1,5l)
*a box of margarine
*a bed sheet (aptly, king sized)
*two kitchen sponges
*a glass of "olive pickled green mustard with mushroom"
*a package of toast (whole wheat)
*a toaster (wholesale)
*a yet unidentified fruit
*four small packs of chocolate soy milk (bundled)
*a package of rice noodles
*two bowls (with a flower pattern)
*two plastic bowls (microwaveable)
*a package of dried mushrooms
*1,5kg of rambutan (hairy)
*a noi-na
*two pillow cases
*a pillow
*a bottle of soy sauce
*a package of soup ingredients
*another package of soup ingredients
*a small bag of chili paste (fresh)
*a medium-sized bag of salt (iodized)
*two apples (sour) (imported)
*a bottle of soy bean formula
*a sack of rice (5kg)
*a pear (giant)
Inventing a new life is less complicated (and less expensive) than one might think.

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