Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2012

The facts are these, part II.

4. Thais have an incredibly sweet tooth.

5. Traffic in Bangkok is heavy, and it's dominated by motor vehicles to a point where bicycles and pedestrians are excluded from having a good chance to survive. Motorbikes will utilize the little sidewalks that exist. But then again, it's understandable as even the physical exertion from walking will result in a sweat within minutes.

6. There be dragons in Lumpini Park.

7. The King is great, or you're sent to prison.

8. A lot of Thai people don't like whites, but would like to be white. Make sense of that, will you. (Typically, the first time you visit a street or a resort frequented by whites you'll understand the aversion against them. As for all the ads, pop music and films that feature Thais bleached to a degree that makes you think about investing big-time into the chemical industry, it can probably be explained by Western cultural imperialism, indirectly leaking into the country by way of Korea and Japan.)

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