Montag, 10. August 2009

Argumentum ad verecundiam.

Denn hier galt es noch einiges zu beweisen.

"There are moments in a man's life when alcohol is more nourishing than food."

(Paul Auster, in: "The Brooklyn Follies", S. 62)

"Too many people think that liquour solves problems, all problems. I think all it does is confuse them!" - "I would say that it- obfuscates them a little, but-" - "Does what to them, Mr. Bates?" - "I work crossword puzzles. I- ha ha!- pick up a lot of long words. Obfuscates means obscures. And problems need obfuscation now and then, honey. I don't mean total or permanent obfuscation, I just mean temporary obfuscation, that's all."

(Tennessee Williams, in: "Period of Adjustment", S. 52)

"I never thought I'd find an answer at the bottom of a pint glass." - "Hasn't stopped you looking."

(Robert Angier & John Cutter, in: "The Prestige")

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